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4 Issues That Signal A House Needs Replacement Windows

A home's windows often don't get any attention until they fail. Whenever possible, though, you should try to install new replacement windows before that happens. You will need to know the signs there's something wrong with a window, however. Watch for these four issues so you'll know when it's time to install window replacements.

Leaking Air

Windows are barriers against the elements. However, that barrier can fail, and it usually fails in predictable spots. For example, the seals that keep seams tight when you close a window may crack and break down. You probably won't notice this until there's very hot or cold weather.

Once you've noticed a draft from a window, you should make sure it's the problem. You can use an infrared scanner to detect leaks. Note the locations, though. If leaks occur past the frame of the window, the window might still be good. The location, though, would indicate the window was either poorly installed or insulated. Leaks within the window's frame are like signs you need to replace it.

Difficulty Staying Open or Sticking

Most windows have systems to hold them open. If the window wants to slide or shut after you open it, something is amiss. You might have roughly the opposite problem, too, with a window sticking.

You may be able to repair the problem, but the job often involves tearing out some of the surrounding materials. Especially if the window is getting older, it may be easier to do a full replacement since you'll have to dig around anyhow.

Utility Bills Increasing

Before you jump to installing new replacement windows, check that the electric or gas services provider didn't raise your rates. Verify that consumption is up.

If consumption is up, there are many things that could cause the increase. Windows are one possibility, and you can check them quickly so you might as well start there. Verify there isn't a problem with the area surrounding the window, too. If the windows appear to be the source of the trouble, replace them.


Windows over 20 years old are unlikely to include all of the best features. Today's windows often come with UV coatings to protect your home and family from harmful rays. Likewise, new replacement windows usually have better insulation values. Many even have anti-noise materials to make indoor living more comfortable.

Bear in mind newer but cheaper models still typically don't have these features. Ask the contractor for window replacements that have them. 

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