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Not Just Leaves | 5 Items Gutter Covers Are Meant To Keep Out

At first glance, one would assume that gutter covers are meant to keep leaves out of a home's gutters. While technically true, gutter covers are designed to fight other gutter-clogging materials as well. Here's what you need to know.

1. Trees

Believe it or not, acorns and other seed pods that land in your gutters can sprout into trees. Obviously, a tree growing in your gutter will wreak havoc on your gutters as well as the rest of your roof. When you install gutter covers, you prevent the acorn from even landing in your gutter. They simply bounce off your roof and onto the ground below. While regular maintenance and seasonal gutter cleaning will help to remove acorns, gutter cover services will allow you to avoid the problem altogether. 

2. Beehive

While your gutter may not seem like the safest place to build a home, many bees think it is the perfect location for their new hive. This creates a two-fold problem. Not only does the hive block the path of water in your gutters, but the beehive will be difficult to remove without being stung. Gutter covers can deter bees from building their home in such an inappropriate spot.

3. Rodents

Small animals use your roof and gutters to travel long distances safely. From squirrels running across your roof to avoid a dog or cat to mice using your gutters like their own, personal highway, the chances of an injured or dead rodent using your gutters as a final resting place is fairly high. A dead rodent will cause a blockage in your gutters and will prevent the proper flow of water. 

4. Toys

Everything from Frisbees to footballs can end up on your roof and, in turn, in your home's gutters. Having a large object jammed in your gutter is not good for its longevity or overall health. Installing gutter covers will help prevent stray toys from getting stuck.

5. Birds

Like bees, birds don't always make the best housing decisions. While it is not safe for a bird to build its nest in your gutters, nest removal may be delayed depending on where you live and the species of bird. Most states prohibit the removal of a bird's nest when they are eggs or baby birds present. Furthermore, the species of bird may have an effect on if you are allowed to remove the nest at all. 

There are all sorts of outside forces acting on your gutters that can potentially cause great damage to your home. Gutter covers can help. Contact a local gutter cover service near you to learn more.

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