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Do You Need Masonry Repairs?

Masonry is a common element in many homes. Any part of your home's structure that is made from brick, stone, or concrete falls within the realm of masonry. Because these materials are unique in their size, weight, and rigidity, only an experienced masonry contractor should be trusted to work with them. It's important that you know when to call for help from a mason in order to preserve the integrity of your home.

Here are three signs that you are in need of masonry repair.

1. Damaged Mortar

Multiple bricks or stones are fitted together using a specialized mortar when constructing elements like walls or fireplaces. The mortar secures each brick or stone in place and helps to preserve the structural integrity of the feature as a whole.

If you see any evidence of damage within your mortar, it's time to call for masonry repairs. Missing or deteriorating mortar allows two bricks or stones to rub against one another. This can weaken the structural strength of the materials and cause them to become warped. A masonry contractor can complete a process known as repointing, which safely repairs any damaged mortar.

2. Cracks

Any visible cracks in your bricks or stones should be a notable cause for concern. The way that masons construct brick and stone structures allows each layer of materials to help support the weight of the materials above. When brick or stone becomes cracked, it can't support as much weight as it should. Cracked bricks and stones create the possibility of a total collapse. An experienced masonry contractor will be able to evaluate the damage and repair any cracks quickly to help you avoid a costly collapse.

3. Frost Boil

If you live in an area that is affected by the freeze and thaw cycle, then you may encounter frost boil in your brick or stone structures. Frost boil occurs when moisture is able to find its way behind your bricks or stones and cause damage to the backing material on which the bricks or stones are installed. As the moisture expands and contracts through the freeze and thaw cycle, it pushes the brick or stone away from the backing. You will notice certain bricks and stones bulging out from the rest of the structure when a frost boil has occurred.

An experienced masonry contractor can remove the affected brick and stone, and repair the backing to restore your structure. Reach out to a local masonry contractor to learn more.

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