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Constructing A New Parking Lot For Your Business

During the process of designing your business's new parking lot, there are several different safety features that you might want to include. By adding these features to the parking lot, it may be possible to create a space that will be significantly safer for your business's visitors. 

Ample Lighting

A parking lot can be a very large area, and this could lead to it being extremely dark during the overnight hours. Sadly, this could make the risk of a serious accident occurring substantially higher. In addition to the risk of vehicle-involved accidents occurring, a poorly illuminated parking lot could also make it more likely that a person will trip or slip, which could lead to them also suffering serious injuries. Positioning the lights in the parking lot to minimize dark areas and ensure an even distribution of the light can mitigate these threats while only requiring a minimal amount of space to be dedicated to these lights.

Speed Bumps

Including speed bumps in the design of the parking lot can be instrumental in slowing the speed of cars. Often, individuals may only decide to place these speed bumps at the entrance and exit of their parking lot. However, it is also important to position these bumps throughout the parking lot. Otherwise, vehicles may only slow as they enter or leave the parking lot. At a minimum, there should be speed bumps placed near crosswalks and along the primary lanes of the parking lot. Fortunately, the costs of each individual speed bump will be minimal, and they can be added somewhat quickly.

Reflective Paint

Your parking lot will need to have a number of different lines painted on it. These lines can be used to denote the lanes that cars should use when driving across the parking lot, and they can also mark the areas where vehicles should park. When choosing a type of paint for your parking lot, you might want to prefer the use of reflective paint. This paint can be much easier to see during times when it is raining, foggy, or even at night. Luckily, this reflective parking lot paint will be designed to withstand the elements so that it will not lose its ability to reflect light for many years. This can allow it to be a durable option while also providing a high-visibility solution for your pavement marking needs. For the best results, this paint should be professionally applied to ensure that the lines are straight and that the painted lines are as even as possible.

To learn more about parking lot construction, reach out to a paving contractor near you.

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