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Home Site Clearing: Building A Home In The Mountains

For many people, building a home in the mountains is a life-long goal. However, one of the first steps you will probably need to take is to clear the home site. 

Here are some home site-clearing steps to take when constructing the mountain home of your dreams.

Setting Boundaries and Permitting

Before you can complete the home site clearing process, you'll need to make sure you establish the boundaries of your property and obtain the necessary permits for starting construction.

  • Boundaries: Review your property survey or consult with a land surveyor to confirm the exact location of your property lines. Once you have determined the boundaries of the home site, mark them with stakes or flags to help you visualize the area that needs to be cleared.
  • Permits: before breaking a single twig or shoveling a single pile of dirt, you will need to obtain permits. This may include a permit to remove trees or other vegetation, as well as any other permits required by your municipality. Be sure to check with your local building department to determine what permits are required. Failing to complete this step can halt construction later or force you to remove unpermitted structures.

Create a Plan

Before you start clearing the home site, it is important to create a plan for how you will tackle the job. Consider the size and layout of the home site, the types of vegetation that you will be removing, and the tools and equipment that you will need to use. You may also want to consider hiring and/or consulting with a professional land-clearing company to help with the job if it is too large or complex for you to handle on your own.

  • Removal: when you begin removing trees and other vegetation from the home site, there are several methods that you can use to remove trees, including cutting them down with a chainsaw, pulling them out with a tractor or skid steer, or using a tree spade to dig them out of the ground. If you are removing large trees, be sure to use proper safety precautions and consider hiring a professional tree removal service.
  • Debris: after you have removed the trees and other vegetation, you will need to remove any debris left behind, including branches, stumps, and roots. You can use a variety of tools and equipment to remove debris, such as a wood chipper, stump grinder, or bulldozer. Be sure to dispose of the debris properly, either by burning it or hauling it to a landfill. 

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