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High-Tech, Advanced Building Materials To Consider For Your Home

Many homes are made from concrete and wood, drywall, and sometimes some bricks. There is nothing exactly wrong with using these conventional building materials to construct your home. But if you're the kind of person who likes to get creative and go high-tech, there are some more advanced and innovative materials you may want to talk to your builder about.

Gas-Insulated Panels

Insulation is important in any home or structure. But that does not necessarily mean you have to stuff fiberglass insulation into the walls. There is a newer material known as vacuum-insulated paneling. It basically consists of two boards or sheets with gas between them. This gas-filled space serves as an insulating layer, slowing the transfer of heat through the surface. If you have walls built with this material, you won't need to add extra insulation. This allows you to make the wall spaces smaller so you get more interior space overall.

Pollution-Absorbing Bricks

If you plan on having part or all of your structure built from bricks, then pollution-absorbing bricks are a great option to look into. These bricks are designed to act like filters. As air passes through them, any contaminants it contains are absorbed into the bricks. This serves two functions. First, it helps keep your indoor air cleaner without so much burden on your HVAC system. Second, it helps reduce the amount of pollution in the outdoor environment.

Self-Healing Concrete

If you are tired of seeing concrete that is all scratched and dinged up, then talk to your builder about using self-healing concrete for your structure. This would be a good choice for a patio or walkway. The concrete is embedded with tiny capsules that are filled with fluid. If the concrete is scratched, some of these capsules will break open and leach fluid into the scratch. It will harden and basically make the scratch disappear.

Solar Glass

Solar glass is basically glass that has been embedded with solar cells. You can make a roof or even an awning with solar glass and generate your own sustainable power. This is a good solution for those who like the idea of green energy but don't have the space for conventional solar panels.

Talk to your builder about these and other high-tech building materials. The sky really is the limit when it comes to these things, and you can design a pretty innovative home or building with them.

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