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Avoiding Common Problems With Your Downspout

The gutter system can be a part of your home that may not typically require much of your attention. However, it can play a critical role in managing the runoff from the roof of your home. In particular, the downspout of the gutters will be an essential component.

Position The Downspout Away From The Foundation Of The Home

The positioning of the downspouts may not be a factor that you have given much thought to. However, it is beneficial to angle the downspout so that it is facing away from the home. Otherwise, the downspout could deposit large volumes of water along the base of the home where it may seek into the foundation and cause some damage. Depending on the terrain of your property, you may also need to utilize a downspout extender. This can be useful when the home is located in a low-lying area as the water from the downspout may flow back towards the house. The use of a downspout extender will minimize these issues by allowing you to deposit the runoff far from the base of the house.

Use Rocks Or Gravel To Minimize Erosion From The Downspout

Over time, very large amounts of water will come out of the downspout from your gutters. Due to the height from the roof to the ground, this water will exit the downspout at a relatively high speed. This can contribute to the amount of erosion that is produced as a result of the runoff. One option for reducing this potential issue is to place gravel along the base of the downspout. This will slow the speed of the water before it reaches the soil, which can help limit the risk of substantial erosion occurring.

Periodically Check The Downspout To Ensure It Is Clear

Obstructions in the downspout can significantly reduce the effectiveness of your gutter system as it will prevent the water in the gutters from efficiently draining out. If only one downspout is severely clogged, this could increase the water flowing out of the other downspouts, which may increase the erosion near the other downspouts. Due to these issues, it is always worth the time to take a few moments to check the downspouts for signs of obstructions forming in them. Otherwise, it could be possible for the output of the downspouts to severely deteriorate and potentially cause problems before you notice the issue. Luckily, there are tools that can be used to allow you to reach deep into the downspout to remove obstructions that have formed.

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