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Benefits Of Using Termite Stakes For Termite Control

Homeowners are faced with several property maintenance issues. One of the first maintenance issues deals with pests. As a homeowner, you need some form of pest control, especially against termites. One of the options available to you is termite stakes. You may be unsure of what they are or how they can benefit your pest control treatment plan. Here are a few key points to know in order to help you decide if this pest control method is right for your property. 

Attracting Termites

The key point of how a termite stake works is found inside the stake. The stakes have poison inside that will attract and also kill the termites. This helps draw them away from the home and other buildings, like sheds, on the property. As the termites crawl towards and into the stakes, they will begin to attract more termites as well. This ensures that not only is the immediate issue with the termites controlled, so are future issues. 

Replacing Stakes

The termite stakes are not a one-time use and solved treatment solution. They will need to be cleared out and replaced on a routine basis. This is part of the treatment plan when the first stakes are placed in the ground. You will be told when the pest control tech will visit the property to check on the termites and other pest control plans that may be in place. The bait that is used to exterminate the termites will be replaced during these visits. Many of the stakes have a removable area that houses the bait and any termites, alive or dead. 

Placement of the Stakes

There are homeowners who are concerned with the stake placement. They may be concerned that pets or children would get near them. They may also be concerned the stakes may damage gardening equipment, lawnmowers, or weed trimmers. The stakes are usually flat to the ground. They are also placed a few feet away from the home at set intervals. This allows a safe border around the home for termite control rather than having bait inside the home. 

These are just a few of the benefits of using termite stakes instead of other forms of termite control. If you would like to try having the stakes installed and see how well they work for you, contact your pest control agent. They can meet with you to evaluate your property and determine the best steps for moving forward. They can also inspect your property for further pests and options for any that are found.

For more information on termite control, contact a professional near you.

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