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Signs It's Time To Replace Your Windows

Looking around, it may seem like there are a lot of cosmetic issues you want to address with your home. Maybe a little sprucing up is in order. But before you grab a new paint color or spend money on fancy furniture, make sure your doors and windows are in tip-top shape first. Here are some tell-tale signs it may be time to replace your windows. 

Fog and Condensation

If you've been noticing that there is a lot of fog in between the panes of glass, it could indicate an underlying moisture problem. Additionally, condensation buildup or windows that are wet or damp can generate bacteria and mold on and around the window area. This can be a natural occurrence, or something more serious, like a broken seal. This can lead to warping and breakdown of the window frame. Window replacement is the best option. 

Losing Energy Through Open Spaces

Walk by a certain window and it feels like the breeze just rolls right in? This can be a problem if you live in cold climates, during fall and winter months. Drafty windows can be caused from poor installation or old windows that aren't insulated and sealed properly. Over time, crack and crevices can form in and around window casings. Unless these cracks and gaps are filled or sealed, you will lose heat or cold. The result is a fluctuating utility bill throughout the year. In fact, 25% to 30% of residential heating and cooling costs come from windows and doors that lose energy. Hiring a window replacement service to come out and recommend new windows can help you save money in the long run.  

Difficult to Open or Close

Has it been a challenge to open or close any of the windows in your home? It may seem strange, especially when they worked so well before. There could be an underlying issue, such as a rotting or warped frame within the wall or window jamb. Having a contractor do a thorough inspection will help determine if it's a simple repair or if it's time for an all new replacement window. This should be addressed right away because it can lead to excessive energy loss or injury from trying to manipulate the window shut. 

If your windows are old and outdated or you're tired of excessive maintenance and you want something with less work, it may be time to have new windows installed. While some signs are subtle, others can be hard to detect. Having a qualified contractor take a look is the first step in making your home improvement goals come true. 

Contact a local contractor to learn more about window replacement.

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