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Replacing A Faulty Garage Door Spring

The torsion spring of your garage door is among the most important components for allowing the door to raise and lower. While this spring is a critical part of the door, it is easy for homeowners to not be sure as to what they need to know when it starts to experience problems.

Spring Problems With Your Garage Door Can Rapidly Cause Performance Problems

A problem with the garage door springs can be an issue that may rapidly worsen. It can be possible for this spring to eventually cause the door to be unable to raise and lower. If the spring were to suddenly fail while the door is in operation, it could slam to the ground, which may damage your vehicle or even cause injuries.  

A Garage Door Spring Can Be Hazardous For An Amateur To Replace

The torsion spring can be under intense stress, and attempting to remove it or to install the new one can be extremely risky. It could be possible for the spring to come loose or to even snap, which could cause deep lacerations. Furthermore, the spring may strike other mechanical components, which could lead to significant damage that could be costly to repair. Having a professional garage door repair contractor oversee this work for your system can be the safest option for ensuring that the repairs are effectively completed. Additionally, they will be able to ensure that the correct type of replacement spring is installed so the risk of the spring failing or experiencing problems in the future will be minimized.

The Garage Door Will Need To Be Properly Balanced After The Spring Is Replaced

After the torsion spring has been replaced, the door will need to be rebalanced. Failing to properly rebalance the door after replacing the torsion spring can increase the risk of the weight of the door being improperly distributed. If this occurs, then the spring may start to warp or even fail due to the imbalance in the weight distribution. A professional garage door repair provider will be equipped with the tools to ensure that the door is properly balanced once the new spring is in place.

Any problems with your garage door spring can be an issue that will lead to noticeable performance problems that could negatively impact your ability to use the door to enter and exit the garage. Recognizing that any garage door spring issues should be repaired as quickly as possible, appreciating the hazards that attempting these repairs on your own can pose, and allowing the repair technician to rebalance the doors can help you with managing this problem. Visit a website like to find a local professional who can replace your garage door springs. 

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