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4 Reasons to Get a Comprehensive Property Survey

Land surveying allows you to know the boundaries, dimensions, and topographic features that characterize a particular area and get legal documents outlining all these. The surveyors visit your property and assess these characteristics, after which they make the report. Other features that a land survey outlines include natural and artificial landmarks, the exact size of the land, and its utilities. Here are four main instances when you will need a comprehensive land survey.

When Buying or Extending Your Home

It would help if you were keen on the boundaries and features of a property that you want to purchase. You should also get a survey report if you have already bought the property and want to extend the house. The information helps you determine how much you should pay for a home and also the renovations you are legally allowed to make. For example, you might like a house because the backyard seems large enough to install a pool. However, a survey report might reveal that the actual size of the lot cannot fit what you want to install. The information helps you decide whether it is a great idea to invest in the property.

When Getting the Title Insurance

Title insurance protects the seller of a property if issues arise about the ownership. Typical problems include easements, disputes over the title, and liens. Insurers will be reluctant to issue you title insurance when they do not have a comprehensive view of the property whose title you seek to insure. Therefore, they might demand that you get the survey conducted beforehand.

When Unsure About Easements and Utilities

Land surveyors also help you check the property records when you are unsure of the existence of an easement. If the property needs new easements, they can help you determine where to establish them. Additionally, they help determine the exact location of your property's utilities. When buying the property, they will help you figure out where to install the new utilities without interfering with the existing structures.

When Resolving Suspected Encroachments

An encroachment is when another person deliberately extends their property into your boundary line. If you suspect a neighbor has built on your side of the boundary, you can get a surveyor to delineate the legal limit and resolve the dispute. They also help you know when you infringe on someone else's property.

Consult with boundary surveying services to get accurate information about your property's location, size, and other characteristics. They will help you avoid disputes that could interfere with your investment

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