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3 Signs Your Gas Oven Is In Need Of Professional Repairs

A gas oven can be great to cook with. The gas can produce a flame that allows you to cook amazing-tasting food. However, a gas oven is powered by gas, which is a substance you need to be careful with. That is why you need to be aware of the signs that your gas oven isn't working correctly so that you can continue to stay safe and properly cook your food.  

Your Oven Is Putting off a Strange Smell 

The only smell that your oven should put off is the smell of your food cooking. If your oven starts to put off any other smell, you will want to stop using your range.  

There are a few reasons why your gas oven may put off a strange smell. If you have a gas leak, you may notice a smell of rotten eggs, which is the smell that is added to natural gas to alert you that it is leaking.  

You may also notice the smell of burned plastic. This can happen when wires inside of the oven get warped and the wires start to melt or catch fire.  

If you notice your oven is putting off a strange smell, you will want to stop using it and get a professional to come and fix your oven. The wires may need to be replaced, or a gas line may need to be replaced. 

Long Pre-Heat Times 

Second, your gas oven should preheat within a reasonable amount of time. If you start to notice that your oven is taking longer to preheat, there is something wrong with it. Your gas oven should heat up quickly and swiftly. 

If it doesn't, that is usually because the temperature sensor isn't working properly and needs to be replaced, or the power supply isn't working correctly. Either way, you need a technician to come in and replace a few parts so preheating your oven becomes predictable and not a guessing game.  

Eventually, if you put off getting your oven repaired, it may not preheat at all, leaving you unable to use the oven part of your stove. 

Improperly Closing Door 

Third, it is essential for your door to close properly. A properly closed door will help to keep in the heat and ensure that your food cooks evenly and properly. Without a tight seal, your oven will not properly cook food. 

When your door doesn't close properly, there are usually a few issues that can be at play. The hinges on the door may be worn out and need to be replaced with new ones. After opening thousands of times over the years, the hinges can get worn out. 

Another part that gets worn out is the door springs. The springs are what help the door snap shut; once again, they can easily be replaced by a skilled technician. Finally, the seal around the door may get cracked or damaged over time and require replacement. 

If your gas oven smells weird, is taking forever to preheat, or the door isn't shutting all the way, you are going to want to bring in an appliance repair technician with the right tools to replace the damaged parts and get your unit working again. Contact a company that sells appliance replacement parts to learn more.

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