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2 Reasons Why New Decking Would Be Installed During Your Home's Upcoming Roof Replacement

After years of having the same roof on your home, its age and overall condition may have led you to start thinking about having it replaced. While you know that new shingles will need to be installed, you may be wondering whether the wood decking beneath them should also be replaced. While it is possible to lay new shingles over decking that is already present, it may not always be a good idea to do so. There are a couple of reasons why new decking would be installed along with the shingles during the replacement of your home's roof.

1.  Decking Has Become Misshapen, Causing It to Lack Proper Support for the Shingles

One reason why you would need to have new decking installed on your home is when the decking itself has become misshapen. When you look at your roof, you may see areas where the structure sags. The sagging may even appear like waves where multiple sections of the decking have lost their structural integrity.

When the decking has started to sag, it will not be able to fully support the new shingles, especially since the newer shingles may be heavier than the dried-up older ones. The added weight could cause the decking to crack, break, and/or sag even further. To have the newly installed shingles fully supported, they need to have new decking underneath them.

2.  Wood Has Started to Rot, Making Leaks Likely Despite Having New Shingles Installed

Another reason you will need to consider having new decking installed is when the wood shows signs of deterioration, especially if the old shingles were broken, cracked, or loose. Some of the areas of the decking that were exposed to moisture may have started to rot. If the wood has started to rot, it will not be able to provide the needed support for the shingles. Also, the nails meant to hold the shingles in place can loosen quickly because the rotten wood will not be able to hold them.

If the decking on your roof has started to sag or show signs of rot and deterioration, placing new shingles on it will only lead to future problems. Because it provides support for the shingles, a deteriorating decking will need to be replaced along with the shingles and underlayment. If you are unsure as to whether new decking should be installed, speak with a contractor who will be performing the roof replacement to find out what they recommend.

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