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Can You Replace Your Deep Well's Pump?

If you plan to move into a home that uses a deep well for water, you may hope to use the well as soon as your family settles into your new home. But if you can't pull water from the well because it sits too deep within the ground, you may need to replace the well's pump. Learn more about deep wells and why you need to replace your well's pump below. 

What's a Deep Well?

Rural households and farms use different types of wells to obtain water for their use, including deep wells. Deep wells sit deep below the surface of the earth. Because of their location in the ground, it can be difficult to pull water from deep wells. However, you can use a special pumping system to obtain the water your family and home need.

Deep wells generally require submersible well pumps to operate properly. Submersible pumps need to pull water out of an underground reservoir before it transfers the water to a well. Once water enters a well, the pump pushes it up into a special pipe or pipes connected to a home's plumbing system. The pipes transfer water into a home every time the homeowner flushes the toilet or turns on a faucet.  

Your well may need a submersible well pump to circulate water into your home. You can install a submersible pump in your deep well with a contractor's assistance.  

How Do You Replace the Well's Pump?

A contractor will inspect your well to see if it needs a submersible pump or something else. Wells can also stop working if they lose pressure. In this case, a contractor can install a pressure booster pump in your water well system to ensure your home receives enough water to sustain it.  

If your well contains enough pressure inside it but needs a submersible pump to operate properly, a contractor will install the pump for you. The installation process for a submersible well pump can take some time. However, most contractors can install pumps rather quickly for their clients. 

A contractor will also check the water table for your deep well. The water table, or height and location of an underground water reservoir, can become low at times. If the water table below your well is lower than expected, a contractor can retrofit your pump to compensate for the loss of water. 

Learn more about deep well pumps and how to install a pumping system in your well by contacting a company like Modern Pump & Equipment.

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