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Commonly Needed Masonry Repairs

Masonry is a durable building material for fences, patios, and structures. However, masonry will often require repairs to correct a wide range of different problems and damages that could occur.

Crumbling Mortar

The mortar that holds the bricks together will degrade over time, and when it reaches the end of its lifespan, it will start to crumble. This crumbling can be extremely damaging as it will be able to cause the bricks to loosen and fall out. In extreme cases, the structural integrity of the entire masonry surface could be compromised by the degraded mortar. Replacing the mortar is a repair that can correct this problem, and tuckpointing is a common method for addressing this particular problem. It can be a lengthy project due to the need to remove the previous mortar before the new mortar can be applied, but it will provide durable and effective results.

Damaged Bricks

Structural damage to the bricks can be another issue that masonry can experience. Whether it is due to the results of years of weathering, impacts, or other potential causes, compromised bricks can be a major threat to these structures. When a brick has developed extensive and deep cracks, it may impact the weight distribution of the surrounding bricks. If this occurs, it will lead to cracks forming in the surrounding bricks. This can rapidly result in a cascading problem where the masonry is rapidly degrading. Replacing bricks that have suffered substantial damage can be a necessary repair if you are to prevent these structure issues from threatening the rest of the structure. For those that are worried about the new bricks not matching the older bricks, it can be possible to minimize this by choosing a replacement brick that closely matches the color of the original bricks. Furthermore, the masonry may be resurfaced, which can allow the new brick to more closely match it.

Graffiti or Other Surface Discolorations

For those that live in urban or suburban areas, graffiti can be a regular threat that may eventually need to be addressed. This is particularly true when the property has a masonry fence. If your masonry has been targeted by graffiti, there are options for effectively restoring the appearance of the bricks and mortar. In many cases, powerful solvents may be able to remove the graffiti as long as they are applied relatively soon. If this is not an option, resurfacing the bricks can also remove the graffiti. In order to make this problem easier to address in the future, there are protective coatings that can be applied to the bricks to make graffiti less likely to bind to them.

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