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Working With Riggers To Ensure Your Aerial Lifts Are Safe

Commercial construction regularly involves lifting loads like air conditioning units to the roof or moving large bundles of material to elevated floors on a building. A crane service can make the lift for you, but rigging services should be involved to make sure the load is secure before it leaves the ground.  

Rigging Services

Rigging is the process of strapping, supporting, and securing heavy loads to a machine so they can be lifted or moved safely. Often rigging services are involved in crane lifts, and the riggers working the job are responsible for everything that happens to the load from when they hook it to the crane until it lands at its destination. 

If the crane operator makes a mistake that causes the load to shift, the rigging should support it. However, if the rigging is not secure, a sudden movement, a gust of wind, or bumping the load against something could cause it to fall.  Rigging solutions are supposed to stop that from occurring, so the riggers must plan for every possible mishap when they are getting the load ready to move. Often several riggers will work together on a large job and may be an independent service or employees of the crane service you are using. 

Lifting The Load

Experienced crane operators can move a load into a position far overhead without being able to see the location where the load is going because the riggers on the job will help direct them. Once the load is off the ground, one rigger will direct the crane operator, and if there are additional workers with them, they will relay information to the rigger, not the crane operator. 

There must be only one person talking to the crane operator, and typically the rigging service takes that role because they know what the load will do as it moves. Each person involved in the lift will have a position to watch, but the main rigger will direct and oversee things and watch the load closely to ensure everything goes as planned. 

Rigging Loads And Other Items

Rigging services are not limited to crane lifts and often handle loading oversize loads on trucks or special transport loads that require some specialized equipment to support the size or weight of the cargo.

The goal of any rigging service is to secure the item so that it is safe and secure under whatever conditions are required. Often that means using some creative thinking and working with specialized tools to ensure the goal is met. Engineering, math, sciences, and some creativity come into play when a rigging solution is needed. Working with a professional service with a lot of varied experience is often the best way to ensure everything goes well and the job is completed without incident.  

Contact a local rigging service, such as Dielco Crane Service, to learn more. 

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