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3 Obvious Signs That You Need Residential Gutter Cleaning Services

Your gutters help drain water and debris during the rainy seasons and are also a great aesthetic addition to your space. However, you should keep them well-cleaned and maintained to maintain their functionality.

Residential gutter cleaning service providers can help you to clean and maintain your gutters. But when do you know it's time to hire the experts?

Here are the tell-tale signs that you need gutter cleaning services for your home.

1. Saggy and Overflowing Gutters

The gutters around your home should trap and drain water and debris from the roof. However, over time, residue build-up in your gutters will prevent them from functioning correctly. The residue could be roofing granules if you have an asphalt roof or dust and debris. As the residue piles up in the gutters, it becomes hard for water to flow into the drain pipes. Instead, the water pours on and stains your pavements whenever it rains.

You can also tell it's time to clean your gutters if they sag too much and cannot hold and drain water properly. While saggy gutters could be a sign of wear and tear, they could also indicate dirt build-up, hence the excess weight. You cannot afford to ignore saggy gutters because the extra weight can cause cracks or cause the gutters to fall off your roof, incurring expensive repair or replacement costs.

An expert will use special equipment to scrape the dirt and rinse your gutters without causing more damage. The expert can also give you maintenance tips to clean dirt from your gutters and extend their lifespan.

2. Rodents and Birds Build Their Homes on Your Gutters

It's normal to see birds resting and pecking on your gutters occasionally. What's not normal is rodents and birds building their homes on them. Not only does this threaten your gutters' lifespan and functionality, but it can also be an opening for pest infestation in your home.

Rodents such as squirrels and raccoons carry pests such as lice in their fur and can spread them into your home. Furthermore, the birds' nests on your gutters will block drainage during rainfall, which can lead to water damage on your home's exterior surfaces.

A residential gutter cleaning expert can help you safely remove the animals from your gutters. They can also repair damaged parts and unblock clogged areas for better drainage.

3. Moss and Other Plants Growing on Your Gutters

Moss and other climbing plants thrive on surfaces with excess moisture, soil deposits, and other debris. If you notice algae and moss growing on your gutters, you know there's too much dirt build-up, and it's time to call the cleaning experts.

The plants' roots can crack your gutters and cost you money to repair the damaged areas. Furthermore, the plants cause moisture build-up on the gutters and roof, which can cause significant and expensive damage. 

For more info about gutter cleaning, contact a local company. 

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